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We are a highly trained company with respect to high quality stainless steel works, and we also have a productive company. To be an all around-prepared team of people who are obligingly offering their administrations. We specialize in the following distinctive stainless steel works.

We specialize in designing, developing and producing customized systems – as well as keeping large stores of balustrade systems, parts and glass off the shelf. We produce to every size and specification delivered to your door. Discover the entire range of items below.

With our large workshop and trained workers, we are more than capable of managing a variety of projects, ranging from small, one-off jobs to larger, more technical contracts and batch work. We produce high-quality stainless steel grilles, gates, railings, handrails, stairs, roofs, roller shutters, roller doors, etc. Our talents are not limited to the general manufacturing job alone. We can do all sorts of custom work as our customers need without restriction.

Stainless steel handrails are versatile-they can be easily shaped around challenging sections of balconies, downstairs, and areas of decks that are difficult to reach with wood.

The prices of stainless steel handrail systems are comparable with timber, with the added bonus of low maintenance, no painting and no replacement after just a few years.

Stainless Steel handrail

304-grade tempered steel could be the most suitable option for a railing frame intended for both indoor and outdoor use – particularly if your application is away from large collections of salt water and is not subject to scandalous conditions.


We have the unique pieces of the stairs you're searching for like high-quality indoor and outdoor stainless steel handrails for your cable railing system. Our rail link handrail frame is worked with precision and we use only the latest structural materials for both our wooden rail link handrail and metal rail link handrail. What's more, we carefully study our item, such as our wood dampness material, grain examples and shading, to give our customers an unrivalled piece of work at a remarkable rate.

Our metal stair part components used in our iron balustrades, newels and cable railings use only the highest quality iron and steel, which has been longer than other cheap stair parts found with our rivals over the last few years. Please let us support you with your next project. If you are looking to repair, rebuild or refurbish your stairway, cable railing or related project, please let us support you.

We could provide the required engineering data for this cost-effective and easy-to-install railing solution, helping you to build the right cable railing system for your unique needs and preferences. Plus, we will instruct you on how to qualify your railing for LEED credits by using sustainable building materials.

In addition to buying cable rail parts for your own swaging, kits are also available to ease the assembly process.


This stainless steel railing and stainless steel balustrade system consists of over 1000 parts, making it easy to easily install complex and elegant stainless steel railings and balustrade systems; simply cut the glue or by screw to produce a clean and contemporary look, giving you professional results every time. It is available in 304 grade stainless steel for indoor installations and 316 grade stainless steel for outdoor handrails or balustrades and comes in either brushed steel or polished mirror finish.

We also sell a variety of infill solutions, from stocked round bars to perforated metal panels, extended metal panels and wire mesh, all of which are supplied to your specification.


Elegant decorative bronze anodized finish and antique brass-plated hardware. Whether indoor or outdoor whether dry use, zero maintenance, ready to install

Meets residential and commercial strength codes-

Handrail Brackets rotate to match with studs, quick clasp in either position on rails without brackets. Simple to manage any period of time with custom verified if necessary.

PROTECTION AND STABILITY: These water pipe handrails are made of high-quality galvanized steel with a corrosion-resistant, long-lasting coated finish. This armrest attaches the three bases to the wall with hex expansion screws to provide a better barrier for your family inside the stairs.

INDUSTRIAL-STYLE ARCHITECTURE: these handrails are designed with a special industrial design and an industrial style. Unique black powder coated, simple to match the decor of your room.

MULTI-PURPOSE: Ideal for use as handrails, dressing rack and corner mounting on villas, lofts, restaurants, apartments, office buildings and dormitories.


As one of the most reputable organizations on the market, we are pleased to deliver a wide variety of Decorative Stainless Steel Railing items.


Failed to finish
Eye-catching look
Increased longevity


The Glass Railing System fuses the smooth look of a treated steel top and base rail and a glass infill with your wood or vinyl posts. The rails accompany pre-collected glass clasps for simple establishment and advancement of an excellent glass railing framework. Glass railings give an ideal breeze boundary without impeding your view, however they are typically exorbitant. Our Glass Framework incredibly diminished the cost of building a glass railing. You will likewise appreciate the low support nature of the tempered steel rails.