As architects design structures, 2D sketches are also sketched to demonstrate what each side of the building would look like. Such sketches are called plans and elevations. From the top, the view is called the plan. The elevations (front elevation and side elevation) are called the view from the front and sides.

There are usually four or five elevations on a building plan, indicating a front, rear and end elevation, which may include any basement or attic space. The plan elevation will display the configurations of the upper and lower floor space.From the elevation line properties and the selected objects in the construction model, a 2D or 3D elevation is formed. The elevation is related to the construction model. You can adjust the elevation to reflect the changes if you make changes to the building model after you have created the elevation.

If the word House Front Elevation Design is used by a designer, they refer to the architectural drawings that illustrate the home's front exterior appearance. If you're standing in the middle of the front yard, this is how the house will look.

The best way to draw the elevations to the same level as your floor plans is to draw them. To make the approach a little simpler: Tape the drawing of your main floor plan to the surface of your work table with the front side of the house facing you. The word elevation is simply the way a structure's front, side or rear is built. As the word is used by architects, they refer to the various forms of constructing a house's exterior. Purchasers also have a choice of at least three to five elevations, depending on the subdivision.

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