The facades are the signature of the project. In our façade consultants, all aspects of facade engineering are addressed in synergy with the aim of ensuring maximum performance. Energy performance, natural interior lighting and a structural architecture interface in full imaginative coherence with the architectural design.

As facade systems consultants, we are dedicated to delivering a high-quality product with detailed detailing. We depend on our professional experts, who are called upon to intervene, not only in architecture, but also in diagnostic imaging, restoration and management, to provide professional assistance in each and every type of building.

Our Engineering Company has a wide range of products for both residential and commercial sectors that have already been built over the years. With regard to the product categories, we mainly tend to the middle to high end product groups.


We cover the full range of items for the residential sector, such as automatic doors and windows, open doors and windows and other related products. Our systems are versatile; that is, modifications can be integrated into the current system design to satisfy particular project specifications such as wind loads, opening sizes, two to three tracks, tilting and switch, etc.

As far as the commercial portfolio is concerned, here too we have a wide variety. In addition to the traditional curtain wall glazing systems (conventional and glazed) our offerings include personalized curtain wall glazing systems that can include different materials such as stone glazing, aluminum sheet glazing, terracotta tiles, etc. in addition to glasses of varying thickness. Some of our unitized glazing items are tested for wind loads which were previously unheard of in the industry. In addition to these, we have items for aluminum cladding, zinc cladding, different forms of frameless glazing such as fin assisted spider systems, door facades, skylights for atriums in different materials such as glass, polycarbonate.


We are based around an innovative and serious way of dealing with configuration, design, material applications, selection, quality control, design and production of facade components for a wide range of projects. Architects and Owners have come to trust our expertise with the implementation of suitable materials and costs. Savings linked to our experience of global sourcing, progressive facade design and imaginative problem-solving. To make sure the right interests of our client are well represented.



At the locations when we are doing the Architect work, our task is to generate the documentation necessary to obtain the requisite approvals and contractual arrangements for the contractor's bids and eventual construction. Our cooperative process assures that our design partner clearly recognizes the code specifications and that any challenges found are overcome together without losing the architectural principle. After producing technical design papers, our efforts focus on the planning and comprehensive creation of architectural infrastructure that supports architectural vision. Our partnership depends on direct coordination with our design partners and is complemented by the use of the most innovative technologies available in the industry.


Renowned for its seamless alignment with the architect's vision, our structural design group is proud of its effective structural solutions that reinforce the design principle. Together with the design architect, we analyze the possibilities for seeking the best structural design solutions for the project.


As our structural team starts to engage in the later design phases, our strategy is to move forward with the structural idea, maintaining the efficiency of the structural design through advanced computational modeling. Details are carefully planned with architectural and building services and established in compliance with the highest quality standards to ensure construction with minimal adjustments during construction.


As architects plan the façade of an apartment, they often strive to match the composition. In this case, the outer-facing units have spacious balconies that build a similar design for each apartment, adding to the continuity of the overall look. A trellis at the top of the roof adds a distinctive function, as well as filtering the sunlight on the open terrace in front of the house.

Patterns are a vital part of the design. By using the right profiles and integrating them with other elements, the architects have produced the highlights of the facade. Wood panels have been used successfully to contrast the sharp walls in the background. The soft and understated tones help to establish a sleek and elegant look. By planning an even number of stores and windows on the front, the façade looks symmetrical and balanced.

Built on a sound technical basis, our design process involves frequent design reviews and verification to ensure adherence to the design purpose.


Most of The Office building is constructed with steel and glass


Steel and glass are synergistic materials and are often used in multi-storey building facades and roofs. Generally speaking, glass panels are protected by individual vertical steel components at the specific edge of the frame, which may be internal or external to the place of business. Tempered steel and hollow parts of steel are used in addition to glass.