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Facade engineering is the art and the science for the resolution of aesthetic, environmental and structural questions in order to achieve an efficient construction enclosure. Specialist companies are active in this niche field and engineers in façade production companies work in technical divisions.

The creative industry experts are experts in the design, engineering, manufacture, installation and erection of facade systems for the construction market, offering full design services.

You are specialized in groundbreaking and demanding design and construction projects.

The expertise includes many advanced material ventures, complex geometry, and innovative designs of structural and mechanical structures. Innovators merge the revolutionary concept of curtain wall, façade and fenestration systems with the new materials and efficiency

There are three consumer groups:


During the concept creation process of the projects integrating advanced technology façades, the robust and industry-leading design assistance services have produced a dedicated client community of architects and leading designers.

The attributes that general contracting customers most enjoy are the management of the site and the control of project requirements according to schedules and budgets.


Many partners in leading owners/developers have provided us with a long-standing background in delivering ideal façade solutions, high quality goods, consistent job results and sustainable economies.

They are a contracting company with specialized goods and complex geometries, Pre Engineered Steel, construction and erection work on the Performance Façade. Solutions are sufficiently durable to withstand corrosion, weathering and discolouration. Our solutions deliver superior sound & thermal isolation without considering improved protection capabilities thanks to their multi-chamber architecture.


In the pre-design process of its textile facade projects the team is collaborating with architects and designers. They direct and encourage façade businesses through on-site formation and technical assistance services in order to secure and capable executions and help them carry out distinctive and convincing ventures.

They not only offer customers a creditworthy business position with market trends, product features, sales policies, profit analysis, etc., but they also offer comprehensive services and coordination solutions which allow them to make the most of their operational budget by controlling maintenance costs and protecting their curtain wall system.

With more than a decade of experience, each customer has a particular requirement and therefore invests a lot of time and effort in learning about their standards and procedures. The supply approach fills the gap between definition and buildability through virtual modelling. They adopt a system-led manufacturing process combined with a rationalized quality assurance programme to ensure project targets are achieved.

As if the customer's team is practically expanded, they allow customers to concentrate on their core business without thinking about the design or modelling requirements. Certain small companies are not insufficient to consumers, but to many.

This facade is an issue when its inability to align capability is the rule and not the exception.

Conception and architecture work
Building physics equations and structural studies
Examinations of thermal hygro
Glazed structure stress measurements.
The items are harmoniously balanced and contain interfaces to other specialist systems.

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